Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a series of postures connecting breath and movement in a dance-like rhythm. This is an energetic practice promoting strength, endurance and suppleness. Be prepared to work your edge as you enjoy a fun flowing practice. Each class is different from the last, aiming to keep things fun and interesting. The studio space will be warm and comfortable. All levels welcome!

Power Vinyasa Flow

This class is a total body workout with a complete yoga practice in a room heated to around 80-85 degrees. Through the connection of breath an movement, you will elongate the muscles, build strength and work balance. You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.  Modifications and rest breaks are offered and encouraged.  Some yoga experience is recommended but not required.  

Beginner Vinyasa Flow

Beginner Vinyasa Flow is a great class for anyone who has never stepped onto a yoga mat before.  This class will introduce you to the beginning stages of Yoga including Ujjayi Breathing, the Sun Salutation, and a few basic beginner poses.  Class closes with a final rest and meditation.  A special added feature of this class is live music during your meditation time, helping you to leave feeling balanced and centered!

Jessie leads you through this class at a slow pace, helping you to understand how each breath works through each movement.  There will also be an explanation of how your muscles will engage for each pose, further helping you understand your body in a way you never have before!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga classes are designed to give you time to slow down and practice the tools of yoga. A session includes meditation, pranayama (breathing exercise) and asana (poses) which will empower you to thrive off the mat. In Hatha yoga, you’ll build an awareness of body and mind, connecting both aspects of yourself for an enriched well-being. Each class has its own intention and theme to explore, so that you can cultivate the many benefits of yoga in your practice and in your life. All Hatha classes are beginner friendly, all levels welcome. 

Chakra Class

In this series, we will explore your seven major chakras that are central to the energetic system within your body. Learn how these special energy junctions affect the bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. We will move through asana that allow for greater openness and self-discovery within the realm of each chakra. Prepare for a fun, exciting and invigorating practice!

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga for 3-9 year olds incorporates a mixture of yoga basics in a fun and engaging way for their energetic minds!  Activities are structured accordingly for each age group to ensure their safety for particular poses and games. Parental or guardian supervision required for these classes. 

Here is a general structure:

  • We begin with ‘Welcome Time’.  This helps to set the tone for class so they have a general idea of what we’ll be doing for the day.  This is also a time for students to introduce themselves to each other and talk about why they are here, their favorite thing to do, what they know about yoga, etc!

  • Fun ‘Breathing Exercises’ such as trying to sound like Darth Vadar, Volcano Breaths and Rainbow Breath.

  • ‘Sun Salutation’.  During this time, they learn the postures of sun salutation, including the breathing basics for each movement.

  • ‘Active Movement’ activities such as Freeze Dance, Follow the Leader or Sledding.

  • ‘Theme Poses’.  This is an opportunity to teach some basic yoga poses!  Yoga Pose Cards are used during this time for visual help.

  • ‘Game Time’.  This is a favored part of class because ALL kids love to play games!  An example is “Red Light, Green Light”, “Yogi Says” (Simon Says), or Pose Challenge.

  • ‘Partner/Group Challenges’ such as Elevator or Double Down Dog.

  • ‘Balance and Inversion Ideas’ such as Tree Pose, Eagle or Bridge Pose.

  • ‘Community Closing’.  This is a time that all the kids do an activity together to encourage being part of a community together.

  • ‘Final Stillness’ to help them leave in a calm state.

Yoga Wheel Class

Learn and explore the many benefits of the Yoga Wheel in this guided class. We will learn how to safely backbend, increase flexibility, breathe deeply in the postures, increase blood flow, and learn how to use the wheel to deepen your practice. A traditional Vinyasa flow style will be incorporated. This class is for all levels. Maximum of 15 wheels available or Bring Your Own Wheel. Early registration recommended.